Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snake Temple

This is the final stop for the day and was curious how will it turn like, since many years I never been there. It currently under construction for expanding it space and refurbishing its old timber roof support.

This taken at the back of Relau Temple. Using HDR editing.

And this was the main entrance of the Snake Temple! Fully refurbish!

After that went to the back garden which is the Shrine Hall of the Kuan Yin
Was a lovely garden full with greens!

Just in front of the Hall of Kuan Yin, this was the snake garden which hold all the snake in the temple.
Don't try to act smart by plucking the fruit or the leaves within your reach! Probably there will be a snake there! Camouflaging themself!

Snake of temple house the deadly snake other than Cobra! It is the Pit Viper! Have a unique triangle head shape that easy to be regconise!

This was the drawing on the main door. I suppose it was the guardian which will protect the temple from evil when it was close at night. Haha!

And at last, picture of my brother and sister in front of the temple doing their facial expression! But left out my grandma! Sorry!

Currently planning outing for next Monday!
Probably Pantai Kerachut and Paintball!
Want to join?