Sunday, January 4, 2009

IP Man

Yesterday night went for lunch, movie at Gurney with my old team mate! My Original Drill Squad! 2004 Penang State Foot Drill CHampion but just only 6 of us manage to go for movie together since Our Mr Lee Wei Xian just came back from Australia for a holiday after finishing his foundation at there.

1st we go to Chilis to have our lunch as most of us did not have lunch yet. I fetch Yida and Jue Hang there due to Yida car broke down adn Jue Hang just meet into a accident outside his house.

I ordered this Tostada CHips as we will chat alot and will be there for quite a time.

My all time favourite. Ice Lemon Tea!
Bottomless! Unlimited refill if you order bottomless drink!

This Chicken Crispy was introduced by Sean when I and Yida went to Chilis for the 1st time.
Damn nice! Highly recommended but one plate will be over enough to make your stomach burst as you had have alot of chips and drinks!

This picture was taken during we sat outside to enjoy the raining wind.

Emoing! Haha!

After that, we go for IP Man! A martial art movie based on the Sifu of Bruce Lee, a legendary fighter which master the fighting style of "Weng Chun".
All I say is that the movie is damn nice and it was nice and very fresh. It does not look like the same old usual martial movie that we watched the pass few years.

Here is the Movie Trailer.

Rate it 10/10! Go and watch!

This is the reaction after watching Ip Man! ^_^

After the movie we went to Starbucks to cari Joshua Chia which currently work there as part time.

Had my usual coffee - Ice Blended Mocha!
All time favourite since my aunt introduce it to me at the age of 11 or 12 like that. Haha!

Have some little photoshoot inside the Starbucks Cafe....Playing wild with the wireless flash.

This is only the3/4 of it another quater will be post another time....
Stay tune for Dinner at Kim Gary QB with old BB buddies.