Sunday, January 11, 2009

A day at CLHS

Yesterday I brought my brother to CLHS to view all the society and uniform body to register after all it is compulsory and I was assigned to make sure he get to enter what he wanted to join.
Was quite a day as I late wake up again and bring him to school about 8.30 and the parking lot was full! Luckily there is a tiny spot that most sedan cannot park.. Proud with my SLK "Small Little Kelisa" easy parking.

After he register in BB and was walking around when I saw the Karate Man was ready to do Karate Kick and I waited for this shot but unfortunately I was unable to capture the moment the leg kick the board split.

And this was the "old time house" that I used like to see

Lately was addicted to Black and White editing. But still....Many space to improve....

Picture of the day...Cloudy sky..... It was a sunny day and I changed it into a cloudy day that rain will follow soon....

Stay tune for more....tomorrow will be go out for a outing trip taking my grandma to whole Penang famous Temple to "Pai Ang Gong"
Cheers! Driver of the day!