Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Times Square Part-2

After the Chinese Orchestra performance then start the opening of the event by 4 singes which sings the Penang Times Square Theme Song!
Wow! Now even shopping mall also got Theme Song liao! High End Leh!

But before that, a fountain picture to be share.
This was taken just beside the main stage. It was my 1st time to shoot fountain which the timing to press the shutter need to be precise to ensure the water was capture clearly.

I'm using Manual Focus for it.

Just like the post back in Dinner at Kim Gary with Old Friends.
I had people messing up my picture! Damn! The children was running here and there....OMG

This was the 4 singer.

After that a dance club call 5678 performing traditional dance.

Kinda like the feel the way their action expressed to perform the dance

And followed by another singer.

Stay tune for my picture during my Chinese New Year!
Have you all watch the "Moon eat Sun" incident yesterday at 5.30pm-6.30pm?