Monday, January 5, 2009

Dinner Gathering at Kim Gary!

Last Friday, I passed my flash unit to Mr Ong Chuan Wei and he asked me out for a dinner gathering at QB. So I went as I nothing to do after work was finding place to relax myself.

Lovely couple is it? OCW & Vee Nee and CJX & Hooi ling
The stupid BB and GB rules that cause them alot of trouble last time and aiks! @_@ many problem nia la....Not worthwhile for me to keep talking about them....Bla Bla!

How ironic for me to anti them now as I love to join BB last time... HOW IRONIC!
Probably their "thinking" has become more "mature" ler gua! and keep apply rules that just total stupidity and inrelevant!

Okay okay...calm down....lets get back to the story...
All gather at Kim Gary to que up as it is full and waiting to be seated as we chat alot!

As I was hungry and busy chatting I forget to take a snap picture of my food! Haha! When it is too hungry, picture can wait....Haha!

After that we went to the center stage there to take some good group photos and personally photo. It was the first time to do simple photo shooting for my friends on the filed, as they are shy when the worker and public were looking at us. Haha!

Have a blasting night! WIsh you all a happy new year!

Just to remind that Chinese New Year is coming! Have you done your shopping?
I sure had done mine.

Some has complain that my picture is too big? Okay. I will try other alternative to make the size smaller to allow fast loading speed and easy viewing.

Thanks for the comment everyone.
Thanks to Patrick asto remind me not to put the "watermark" so BIG

Just drop my little bro to van just as today school starts! As mine starts tomorrow morning at 10am!

Schools day how I miss it when I was working non-stop for the pass 2 weeks! Earning money is hard is enough so do enjoy your days at school and "JANGAN PONTENG"! learn from the Fly FM101..

Listening to it alot while I was driving.


::Bangalee:: said...

I am totally disagree what u mention in the blog. BB rules is to follow for certain purpose. If u cant accept BB rules, i think someday u will complain other rules also. I as personally is going to work and understand the purpose why BB do so. You might not understand purpose of the rules mayb u r nt at tat time. BB teach me self discipline and time management very well. I can testimonial BB in The One Academy website. You might see my artwork in my school website. I think it is worth for me to join BB. Now i start to work. I loss the time to join u all. I wan to join but i have no time. I know u like design and photography. I might share with u some of my interest someday. I know u might anti BB jz like me last time anti God. Skipping going to church jz giving excuses "bz". However, now i go to church no wonder how busy i am. God always with me. i manage to finish my assignment on time. I promise to god I will serve BB after I graduate if my brother got into CLHS. I am suprisingly when I know that my brother is going to CLHS today for last minute register. Thanks god. I will back to penang this april. I will serve in BB. I really need someone who like you which pro in photography and design to help in me in multimedia design. God giving me signal that you are the one I need when i serve in EPCOM. I really hope you can consider twice. I need you to help me. I wait for your answer. Don't bother other people view, I hope to heard your sincerely answer.
Reply me when you have answer. Thanks

Ter Yi

Anonymous said...

Wo ho.... Bro. U so serious lo. come on. Different people, different experience. We got nightmare in BB la. U didnt get it cause u not in BB long time d.

小乌龟 said...

thanks for ur photo o..
thanks for being our cameraman..haha...
nice photo..
keep it on!!

::Bangalee:: said...

If you said I din in BB long time, then u r really is big mistake. Haha. If i din in BB, I still know a lot of thing in BB. Different people, different experience? Mind to share ur nightmare?