Wednesday, January 28, 2009


For the 1st time in my life, the 1st day of Chinese New Year was not a good one. 1st case to know at night before the 1st day was my grandma was admitted to hospital due to fracture bone on her hips and next day morning we go to fetch her.
All goes well as everyone taught until afternoon when she throw up a lot and we have to admit her to Pantai Hospital Pula....

Her diabetic was doing all the kacau....

2day did not updated liao, so this 1 will be a long 1

Fetching my grandma back from lam wah ee.... In the early morning where I still sleep like a pig!

After drop my grandma back to home, me and my parent went back home to fetch my brothers and sister to "Pai Jia"

But after that, tragedy struck again! She was not feeling well and we straight away send her to Pantai.

I left my camera with my bro back at grandma house and teach him some setting and this is what he capture! Nice job bro!

After this is mine 1! HAHA! Btw... have you all safe guard your house properly? I know I was kinda late to say about this but still our house still got a lot of angpau right?! Better take to bank save o!

After we get back to grandma house was 3 hours later.... My brothers and sister was starting to mumbling about waiting for how long....Haha! And do a mini shooting for my bro when my mum is talking to my grandpa.

This picture was taken during sunset on the 1st day of Chinese New Year

Okay lets get back to finish up the post about the performance in Times Square! I do a mini shooting for Yida and his friend.

Was satisfied with my flash diffuser because no ceiling for me to bounce so I have to use flash diffuser for direct flash.

And there were these traditional lion dance that normally people seldom see eh.

This face changing master was from China Mongolia which perform before I went back!
It was a lady! Damn she is good in face changing!

Have you all get tio many angpau?
Hope you all do la.... GONG XI FAT CAI!