Friday, January 30, 2009


On the second day, in the early morning we went to my mum mum side to visit cousin.

This place was my grandfather God Mum place.

Grandpa God Uncle Place

Afternoon was hard to pass therefore my aunt bring all of us 9 cousin to QB to watch All's Well End Well!
Damn funny movie!
Recommended to watch it during Chinese New Year! Not to miss it o!

After that straight go to another aunt house to attend her open house!
There were Lion Dance there too!
Of Course is Lion Dance in action la! And also ready to get the "Blessed" coin spit out from the lion head.

The lion dance performance was not very impression compare to the next day when at my "Ah Chor" house eh. Will post about it soon.

The fish pond on the backyard of my aunt house.
This also where my flash unit life end!
My cousin accidentally knock down my flash unit into the flash!
I was so OMG on that time!

Now just have to get it fix and tomorrow still got photo shoot for Danzity! Damn!
I think I just have to think another way out to take pic liao la...

Stay Tune for more!