Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pantai Kerachut!

At morning about 5.30 I suppose be down stair to wait for Steve to fetch me go but eventually I wake up at 5.45! and I was kena perli till we reach National Park! Damn swt! We stop by at sunrise Mcd before continue our journey. Buy some food in case we hungry as inside no people is selling food! ^_^

As soon as we reach there, we was setting up for the sunrise! It was a breath taking view!

This ghosting picture is causes when camera shutter speed was set for a long period of time and any movement will become blur in the picture...

As you all can see from the above picture, did you notice that the sea water is blurred out? Because I was setting the shutter speed to 10second.

This was taken using wireless flash and I edit it into Sepia colour and add shadow to it. Bring out more focus to the subject.

And at 7.30 we check in our self and off we go on our adventure!

The 1st beach we reach in our journey was Pantai Pasir Pandak! It was just 5minute from the park entrance!

Nice view can!

And this picture shall conclude my posting here for today!

Taken yesterday at Danzity dance studio!
Come on! Stick with me for National Park adventure and happenings in Danzity 3d Anniversary!