Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How to use Picasa Software

Since the publication of Picasa Software there are many user who used it because it is faster than blogspot uploading picture features and provide easy edit for those which like me sometimes lazy to edit tons of picture!

Since there are many people who asked me how to use the Picasa software therefore today is just purely about uploading picture to Picasa and how to post it into blog through Picasa home page.

Step 1
Select the picture desire and click the upload button as I highlighted in the picture

Step 2
Choose the album that you wish to upload to and click "upload"

Step 3
Waiting for the upload to complete

Step 4
After it is complete press View Online

Step 5
You will reach a page some sort like this and click on the picture tumbnail to open album

Step 6
Click on the selected picture to enlarge the picture

Step 7
Click on the "Link to This Photo" then click "Hide album link" and select the picture size you desire and COPY the code from the "Embed Image"

Step 8
Go back to your posting page and CLICK "Edit HTML"

Step 9
PASTE the code that you copy from "Embed Image"

Step 10
Click the preview and here you go! You can continue add words into the post by changing to "Compose"

The image size that you can choose:





Happy Blogging everyone!


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