Monday, January 19, 2009

Pantai Kerachut Part 2!

And finally we reach Pantai Kerachut!

Taken using Steve camera when we reach the suspension bridge at Pantai Kerachut.

And for the day, as usual I bring my A200 with flash! Some of you may think I bring to show off but flash really do come in handy when dealing with backlight and creating interesting lighting effect!

As soon as we reach, Steve start shooting.

After that we rest and chatted at the beach before going to the Turtle Conservation Centre.

Hatchery compound are set up to protect the turtle eggs from predator. If you are lucky, you can see the turtle emerging from the sand after for roughly 2months!

After that, it is time to goto another beach to take picture!

And another things to remind, Pantai Kerachut shoreline got jellyfish eh! Don't gao gao goto swimming and ended up bunch of your friends peeing on your wound! Got my message?

And we manage to get some funny picture from the shadow.

The walkway sure damn high!

Now pause awhile and back to Danzity Anniversary

feat Ah Beh.

I suppose I have to finish posting my trip at Penang National Park before Danzity.
Another post I suppose I can finish up the Pantai Kerachut post!