Monday, January 19, 2009

Pantai Kerachut Part 3

I am going to finish up my posting for here! For more picture you can visit my facebook!
About Pantai Kerachut go can search through google.
We take boat back from Pantai Kerachut to Monkey Beach and back to the entrance that day. It cost us each RM20 which total in RM100.
Reminder: Book a boat back and you are able to see the shore line which was very beautiful and save up your energy to climb back as you had climb to Pantai Kerachut!

To conclude this trip, I had manage to compound a few picture that feat Steve in action! Enjoy!

Haha! Just Kidding Only La!

Oh yea still remember about my new bottle water? This is my new water bottle that I buy from Watson! Quite nice eh, keep reminding me about 3R! Recycle! Reuse! Reduce!

Notice that Steve post was kinda very "cool"?
Was looking like bringing assault rifle on his shoulder patrolling the coast line.
Haha! That mine opinion la..

A bad news for us! We were half way through on our journey to Muka Head but due to time constrain we "patah balik" and get our self home by another boat.

After 5 min, we reach out drop point and the structure we are standing were old and we are so afraid to walk along the walkway! Keep got hole here and there. If we step on it a....Sure "mampui" eh! HAHA!

Walking back....

And another things, the port that full with fishing boat was full with diesel smell! I suspect the diesel spill on the water shown in above picture was done by irresponsible fisherman!

Journey won't end without a nice picture!

This is the mark of the end of my trip at Penang National Park! Probably going next time with more Photo Kaki in the future!

Busy whole day and just now at 11 something only manage to reach home!
At least I got something to do after kena ppk by alot of "People"