Saturday, January 24, 2009

Family Potrait

Few days ago inda siao siao then do simple photoshoot for my bros and sis.
Many pic kinda personal la so...Going to post 2 pics only!

1 emo picture of my brother...

A siao siao group picture acting batman!

Then a few days earlier, we celebrated my cousin birthday at his house when we sudddenly sing birthday songs to him when he was busy playing "Mo Siang"....

My sis with the family favourite dog! Bobo!
He was collected my my grandpa friends and pass it to my uncle at the vegetable plantation near Balik Pulau there....

Since then, he was a damn happy dog! Everyday onli makan and play! eat till kinda fat ler.... My uncle make the dog on diet! HAHA!

Owh...Another post about my sis birthday.... Still processing the picture.... Probably will post tomorrow.....
This is the cakes that my sis get for her 21st birthday!

My sis was a happy girl that night! Angpau hitting nearly RM1000!
Gift was kinda expensive till I also speechless....
Haha! I just "Big Canon" only la!

More interesting picture and story tomorrow! Stay tune!