Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lunch at Sakae

Today after class and they were still wondering where to go and eat after school.
Decided to goto Red Box but too little people and mission was aborted.
Finally came to a decision to QB to have lunch and have a walk.

Planned to goto Azuma. The newly open Japanese Restaurant which gain my interest to have a lunch there. Since it was democracy we went to Sakae Sushi due to some of us have tight budget... Because Chinese New Year have to buy new colths ma! Plus people always say: " Economy not good a!" Make us think twice. Haha!
By the way, I buy a new water bottle a bigger 1 than the previous green one that I used to carry.

Can you pose for picture and still able to pour soya sauce like Mr Thaw?

Sushi order by 1 of Mr Yenz Friends.

This is my all time favourite! I will eat it every time I went there!

This is what I order. All the Don Buri was very nice... We all always order Don Buri because is was worth it and delicious!

Do we still see what those unique building like we used to? Let's don't forget about the importance and beauty of the old building.

Was at QB whole day with them. Play kinda siao. Was tired and I'm going post till here.
More post soon! Stay Tune