Monday, January 26, 2009

Time Square Part 2

Now...about the event held in Time Square.
It was a steambot event that supplied by Golden Steambot at Nagore Road.
I suppose the event is to promote Penang Tourism and opening or Times Square.

Does this picture look fake? The background looks like set up purposely but it is real! The sunset skyline and the lighting on the spot were "Ngam Ngam"! So it looks kinda fake! HAHA!

There are.... I suppose few hundred table of steambot!

The Chinese Orchestra doing a opening warm up to entertain the guest..

Take this when was walking around.... There are many lighting on the floor too! Cool Man! LED lighting in the tile!

Times Square damn tall! Just like Time Square in KL

Currently I suppose I was getting ready to go to visit my cousin....
Hopefully later night I will be able to post another post for tomorrow...
Take care everyone!
Wish you all get large angpau and eat until full full!