Sunday, January 4, 2009

IDance Campaign Dance Jamborie

Last Saturday IDance Campaign Competition was fully completed with excitment and FUN!
Here is some of the picture on that day.

Group picture 1

Group picture 2

The TOP 3

Group picture 3

Was playing with wireless flash with Danzity Crew and BGGM Crew to create lifghting effect picture for them.... Was more to trial and error shoot gua....To brush up my picture lighting skill.

Bboy was doing head spin non-stop for like 10 round! This specialy for u!

The crowd of the day!

Have you all seen a Red Bull Mini? Kinda unique eh leh!

Finishing my post with this hand stand from....I forget liao! Pai Seh!

Tomorrow will be the post about gathering dinner with my old friend back at the days of uniform at QB...
Stay Tune for more!


Grace Chiam said...

i absolutely loveeeeeeeeee your photos :)