Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3rd Anniversary Party

Last Saturday night I was invited to DANZITY 3rd Anniversary Party!
Have a lot of fun there letting other taking picture using my camera! Haha! While I was busy eating! Haha!

Once I step through the door and already people wanted to borrow my camera. No matter la... Let them kena poison then later I got more KAKI! Better! Haha! Evil plan! HEhe!

Taken by BBoy Loh

Self Portrait by Jue Hang

Find this kinda unique so I post it up

And it is the time! Happy Birthday to DANZITY!

After that they having a informal siao siao dance show down in the studio and those guys at the back are the informal judges!

I just got to know this girl name from facebook... Shi Ying am I right?
I suppose her nickname is Saix?
Kinda hear that before....

Anyway.... Yesterday my aunt, my sis and me make a surprise celebration for my cousin yesterday night.
Assignment data research for my English assignment and Malaysian Studies had already completed.....
2nd stage....Filtering and outline....
Starting another data research for economics!

So many stuff to do! @_@