Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Temple visiting

Yesterday our 1st stop actually is Goddes Of Mercy Temple but due to my sis have class and we had to share car. I drop her at Disted and Broom!!! Off I goto the next stop!
Last 2 picture of Goddes Of Mercy Temple....

The front view of the Temple

After that, went to Jelutong Morning Pasar!
My grandma want to buy some cookies that not many do! Banana slice deep fried and honey diped!

The morning market was kina crowded even at 10am. It feels like those morning market at Thailand.

After that my grandma belanja me and my brother eat breakfast at one of the Kopitiam.
And I ordered a Wan Tan Mee!
But see the picture below

When you all saw this price you all say although it is cheap it won' be a large plate also eh but you are wrong!
According to my grandma Jelutong eh stuff are more cheaper than outside...
Hard to find this price at anywhere with the same volume as the fuel price drop but other still sell at higher price such ar RM3 to RM4 per plate!
By the way, it was delicious!

After that go back to Disted to fetch my sister and went back to my grandma house together to let my grandma cook lunch for my uncle them which going to come back at 1. After that, poof we went to Relau eh temple!

Stay tune for more!

Mr.......... please don't disturb me. The decision is final and the argument is final and I left behind what I had decided and I am not turning back! For more information, please refer to the Boo Keat. Thats all!
If you want to know more, go and experience it again. I won't stop you.

Just leave me alone!