Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Danzity Anniversary Part 2

This is the last post for Danzity Anniversary at EaglePoint! By the way I will be busy for tomorrow at Thursday probably will having late post.
Thursday I'm going to ponteng account class to help out my sis 21st birthday celebration!
Nvm la it is a forgiven sin that I told myself! Haha!
Many stuff not yet complete and done! Down! Stress nia....@_@

This is made for you Slim Hang!

This is for Sunny....

People finish eat only I take picture... Probably I'm really a "tam jiak" ghost a! Saw food nia tio forget picture liao! Haha!

Actually nothing much to say....Just let the picture describe for you all!

Chinese New Year just around the corner.....Should I change a header?

Procasination stop me from doing so....Kinda moody lately... Haha! Emoing~~~~

Stay Tune for more!