Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Taiping Lantern Festival

Last month, after I finish my recording assignment at Taiping Orphanage. I stayed awhile for the annual event held in Taiping Skating Ring

It was raining at first but weather break through in the end. So we stopped and have a visit.
It was so many people holding their lantern and children playing with candle.
It was so different from Penang, where they all play lantern and celebrate their lantern festival in the garden where in Penang we only celebrate outside our own house.

According to Bee, the spotlight in the garden which act as a more safe environment for patron to visit spoiled the mood. Because it should be off during the lantern festival so the lantern light will light out the whole area which will looks super duper nice!

Anyway, we had a fun time in the park!
DSC_4805 copy
Its been ages since I play an lantern. I end up buying some candle, lighter and small firework. =)

DSC_4741 copy
Before day turn to night, me, Bee and Hwen went to sing K. My voice make them laugh die them. Lol!

DSC_4744 copy
Using high ISO to boost the available light from the candle on their face.

DSC_4753 copy
The spotlight i mention above. It is super duper "BULB" for the event!

DSC_4765 copy
Bee and Me playing with small firework we bought earlier. Picture taken by Hwen

DSC_4772 copy
Teik Loon. Bee friend who tries to use the firework as his cigarette.

DSC_4780 copy
Had a couple picture of me and bee try and try until the final frame we end up get everyone into the picture! It come nice though! Haha! Picture taken by Hwen.

DSC_4786 copy
Bee and her aimei, Hwen.

I suggested to them to make a love shape light trail.
Bee and Hwen failed!
End up the guys did better! Haha!
DSC_4791 copy

DSC_4810 copy

DSC_4815 copy
Used a slow sync so some minor blur to the picture. Love the way it turns out. Plus 2 guys gay-ing each other on the right! Haha!
DSC_4817 copy
Try to act cute by me accompany by Bee. Another nice one!

DSC_4821 copy
Hwen and Bee

DSC_4823 copy
Bee.. I guess i more hiao than Teik Loon? Haha!

DSC_4826 copy
The environment around the skating ring.

DSC_4829 copy
Home made lantern! nice!

Make my way back home at around 1am plus! phew!

Its been a while since i have proper time to sit down and write my blog! It's kinda nice feeling to be back again!

I want my 7D by this Friday! Argh!

p/s: Your smile make my day again! =) Don't worry, you gonna get well soon!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shooting in Sam House

Here is some shoot I done in Sam House a month ago...
DSC_3107 copy
DSC_3111 copy
This picture ruin by OKQ sleeping behind the background. Lol!

DSC_3113 copy
DSC_3126 copy
DSC_3132 copy
DSC_3134 copy
DSC_3153 copy copy
DSC_3161 copy
DSC_3176 copy
DSC_3182 copy
DSC_3186 copy
More to come! Stay Tune!