Friday, June 12, 2009

FIFA Fair Day 1

Let's start off the post with my silly face! Taken by Ah Chew! Damn I need a hair cut la! Totally stim ka nia la me!

A few shot with my funny tauke

The alpha team
We are the Alphas

Those big big big influence people! Lol!

Today going to promote some item which I found interesting in the fair!
A new walkman from Sony!
A "LOVE" Shape earphone that has a storage capacity of 2Gb and a 3 min charge can tahan 90 minutes of music playing!

It also come with a stand that allow you to dock your earphone on the stand for charging or transfer file into it.

The build design

The two ear connect together by a magnet! It also auto off itself when two ends meet as this indicate the user is not using it anymore. What a way to save power!

The ear design may seems awkward but the big round thing before the soft edge is actually designed to hug into our ear natural curve to minimize the movement of the earphone while we having big movement such as jogging.

It comes with a "Zappin" function! With the press of a button, ZAPPIN™ enables you to “ZAP-in” to preview the chorus of the next track with a choice of either 4 or 15 seconds, making it easy to browse and find the track you want. Found your tune? Simply press the button again to “ZAP-out” to start playback from the beginning.
Its wear comfortably into your ears and it looks cool also!
Cost RM299! Damn nice! Come Come and visit us to have a test on it!

Another candid shot of Lynn and Hui Ling

Studio shot of Ah Xiong.
He is sick now, kena skin infection scare will infect others so probably won't come to work in a moment time. Aiks! Hope you get well soon!

Later at night they having a Walkman dance competition where selected participant have to dance their best move to impress the crowd and will have a chance to win a Sony MP$ which worth RM 400!!!!
Contestant from US!

From Holland

From Holland also

And Malaysia! He damn pai seh 1 la. . . Totally cannot dance! Swt!

Finally the US contestant that go all out get the prize!

Before ending my post, theres a few shot I shot of a boy and her mother before I finish work.

Well. . . I should have my flash by now. . . Many picture looking not enough exposure. . .

AikS! My handphone having problem lately! Damn ma huan! Should I change to C905? RM1699

Budget under 1.5K

"It all about money money money!"
"Ma Ma Ma Ma"~~~

Share a song with you all! A song that recommended by Jason Ng a few years ago.
A powerful singer from Russia!