Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last Day Working. . .

Today let me wrap up the whole event for Sony FIFA Roadshow happened last week.
From Day 3 start, I was shift to the center counter there to in charge for the A330 as it reach on the previous day evening. Now the photography area was empty. . . =.="

The 3rd and 4th day was damn busy so not many picture taken. . .Some I put my memory card in the display unit. . .kinda risky I might lost the memory if someone really intend to stole it. . .

3rd day
Lynn, Guat Tee, Ks Peng and Hooi Ling

Why it is so crowded back there?
Big people acting cute~! Haha!

Because Ah Chin is in town!
Also known as Sony Ambassador for the T Series launching!
He looks okay. . . But looks kinda cocky when he talks!
Aneway. . . Many girls siao him!

4th day = Last Day only got 1 picture. . .
Their tired face after whole day fighting for sales. . . Not forget mentioning Mr Tee on the right which was the Perangin Mall Manager.

Went to nearby Mamak Stall to have some decent meal before each of us went home!
Thanks for the meal Tauke!

Sony Workshop is just around the corner! Anyone joining? I probably will go as helper! Haha!