Monday, July 27, 2009

Bon Odori P3

Phew! Finally get a break after 3month of Holiday working! Tomorrow I'm finally back to college!
Today find some excuse for not going to work! Haha! Have a small break before start me grueling 3 years programme.

Let's wrap up the Bon Odori Fest!
The students in action

Like 24 Drum

After my meal, I was walking around and found a lot of people surrounding this cute girl! Lol! Damn she handle it very well being point by more than 20+ DSLR and compact camera! I think she will be a model in the future. . . Haha!

Lets skip the night dance as Steve lens does not do that well in low light and I wanted to capture the available light to preserve the feel.

Let go for fireworks!
A few days before that, I brought myself a remote trigger for the camera and this is what I got.
Bad fireworks!
Too crowded

Too early

Better abit

Even better? Lol!

At least I know what to do next time! Use Bulb and a black cardboard!

Last week, I was at the Penang Penfurnex 2009! No picture for the event as I did not bring my DSLR and no time to take picture also. . .

But a week before that, I went to client house to detail their completed interior for our exhibition sample.
Using my wide lens. . . Really looks different form the standard kit lens~! Haha!

This is how its looks in computer. . . Like actual 3D Design!

Any1 want interior detailing? Find me! Haha!

Afternoon just came back from a photoshoot organized by Jing Ming! Will have more detail about it tomorrow!