Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little Break

Today went to INTI after lunch break to go for a briefing for our course by Miss Carole. . . Me, Eddie and Julia skip the whole orientation thingy as we already know where all the stuff are already. . . and go to Komtar Click and Snaps!

Today get myself 2 things.
1st Up! A remote shutter button! I think it is 50cm long eh cable. . .

It got the function of pressing half way through to get focus and full press to take the picture.
It also got the hold button as we can use BULB mode in Manual Mode to open the shutter long as we wanted la. . .

After you set the shutter slower than 30 second in Manual Mode you will get to the BULB Mode which you can press how long you want. Why I wanted to use this remote shutter button leh if I can just press it on the camera shutter button?

The remote cable shutter allows me to hold the shutter without vibrating the camera as it is going those long exposure and a little shake might ruin the picture such as fireworks show in this coming Bon Odori. . . That's why I brought this remote cable to help out. . .

The connection pin
Cost RM40

Another was the Lenspens!
To clean my lens and sensor. . .
Very light weight and compact!

It got 2 ends.
1 is very fine rough brush to clear any big particle

The another tip of the pen was to remove finger print or oily stain on the lens or the sensor. . . Pretty great when cleaning my gears as I don't have to worry about scratching my gear while using a conventional cloth to clean it.

After that went to Gurney to have early dinner. . . At MAX!
My Ginseng Tea. Take a close lok at the cup. . .

It looks like a recycle cup neh! Why don't follow Chopper board using stainless steel cup? more environmental friendly!

Eddie order this "Char Keow Kak"
Quite nice eh.. .

Mine 1 was the
Baked Chicken Cheese Rice

After that went for MOVIE!
Public Enemy!
The movie was not bad but the cinema is killing everyone! The air conditioning system like got problem neh! Very hot! And I sit till my BUTT numb ki! HAHA!

Tomorrow morning going to take my factory worker to go for safety examination at Butterworth. . .At 8! OMG!

Hope I can help all pass la! Haha!