Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Day

Today continue from Monday presentation and Mr Yen, Mr Jarred and Mr KQ is presenting today.

Mr Jerrad presenting but still can sit on the table!

Mr Yen presenting

Mr KQ doing presentation using transparency slide

Mr Hwa sleeping ^_^

Miss Grace our aka english teacher

Our Tauke Soh(Right) & Our Tauke(Left)
Arent they cute? same action

Every1 busy doing math during maths period

I finish liao lor!

Btw this is our maths sir, Mr Teo! aka Doraemon

Miss Yung Ping still confuse~~~@_@

& me do till pek chek!

Mr Clement also do till~~~~

Mr entao Yen

Serious Leong end my blog here......


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