Sunday, July 20, 2008

CFP Outing!!

Post back something a few days earlier which I was busy...
Day in library for english test
Snap tio Tauke & Tauke Soh
I transfer this from his phone! He is going to kill me!
On friday we goto eat steambot and many of the gang put"aeroplane" from 10 to 5 ppl go and eat! but nvm! at elast we can talk! for like 3 hours....

Friday at steambot king,stupic face of me =.=

Tauke Soh and Miss Yung Ping

The salad....
Yum Yum!

Enjoying the prawn salad

The moon shine like a sun
take it about 1 or 2 something in the morning.....friday

I was appointed to call all of them to wake up on that morning....morning call and morning call.....

After that goto hostel to fetch Miss Yung Ping and wait the rest of them to arrive.....

Mr Jared tool so long to just change his pants! Alamak! We are late! and Tauke Soh was complaining all the way...haha....and she also complain she was very hungry....

2 car dashing down the road to Batu Feringghi

Mayb Mr Hwa driving gt a bit problem and Tauke Soh complain she had headache the 1st time after so many times come to Batu Ferringhi! AFter reach there Tauke Soh still "wi wang wang" stimming....

After that we notice that we din have chopstick! And once again we drive out to find chopstick! haha....

Tauke Soh suggest that we don need plater just eat can ler but it was bit messy and they end up using this way>>>>>>>

With tissue pack

Tissue paper

My cheese cake tupperware!

The weather was hot and Mr Hwa have a gud post there!

Mr Thaw which just recover from food poisoning the day before....

Miss Yung Pin: "Wait me a while"

Chik Chak!

Mr Jarred

We play true or dare using frisbe

Mr Thaw creation

Was talking away...Mr Thaw Theory is so deep

Since we are a good student, we will follow the law

Cleaning up the places

Mr Thaw wana hit me ler coz taking pic not helping out...^_^

Watching the big sky ahead

Another post

Wat they looking at this time?

At a guy with swimming trunk! =.=

Goto 3road to eat at Tauke Soh recommend shop

The delicous mee

The "dang hun"

Fried Oyster

Eating all up

playing "ting ting" Mr Thaw so excited! Screaming here and ther

He say this is a way to enjoy!haha

We are late so we take 6pm Black Knight! Yea! not bad!

Rated it 9/10 because the climax and the suspend were too heart cannot take it! haha...

We goto Bon O Dori but nth to do there......then went back ler...

We went to for our dinner ans supper at ^

Mr Jared go bac before we had it so..nvm la....we enjoy our "char or fan" sotong and fried stingray! Yes!

Mr Thaw cannot finish his part call me to finish yesterday night I was very full untill....argh...cannot sleep at night! haha......