Monday, July 7, 2008

Presentation Day

Today was my presentation day many fun things happen and I quite enjoy my day until some1 call me to talk some "dao li" so =.=
Was doing topic hostel and at today morning I get tio my handout to give to whole class...=.=

The 1st to present but I was late din take tio ur photo..PS

2nd Our Miss Chuah a.k.a Tauke Soh

Miss Julia is sleeping...haha

Mr Yen act cool...wuhu!!!

3rd is Mr clement

Make a love shape from Mr Thaw plaster

Mr KK n Mr Hwa hear attentively

4th Ah Leong

5th Mr Hwa...but he is looking at laptop n speak...gao ka bui si but....

he somehow always lost where he talk.....haha....

6th is Our Tauke!

After that Miss Grace call for a break and some go to makan and some stay in class take picture! Haha.....
The girls~~~

Mr Jarred + Me

Tauke Scold ler coz table so messy! Created Dialogue

Mr Thaw still can play Tiberium War during Miss Yung Pin present!
Pai Seh cause did not take tio your picture! was busying with Mr Thaw games....hehe
and she was boom by Mr Sharmin with question and Miss Grace stop him.....
Mr Shan wear simple only so kena deducted and also no picture...cause also busy with Mr Thaw! haha....
A closer look

9th Mr Sharmin

10th is me!!! haha...was very nervous how to deliver it well....
well....5 years in BB....i get trained well in facing people......

11th is Miss Julia

12th is Mr Thaw
And he do something funny...please refer below video clip!

After him...Miss Grace stop and Mr Jarred, Mr Yen and Mr KK have to wait until Wednesday only can present again...gai....nvm la....more time to prepare!
Miss Chuah suddenly jump into shot....

After that we go to Old Town to have breakfast!! haha.....
Picture of their back and all looks like office people! haha...

1st time whole class go to a same place together! 16 all of it!

Mr KK say:"I everything also 1st! Even makan also 1st!"Created Dialogue

Mr Yen wana get into pic ^^

Dunno wat Mr Hwa doing...watching coffee, thinking or watching her???

The eggs on bread! Shake it!

After that went back to college in Tauke car and help them take video for their MGT presentation
Doing checklist for question to ask INTI Marketing Manager

After finish interview they have a group photo

and was late for CSC class.... after finish class goto library to keng about tomorrow debate....gai.......and thats my all i think....

I'm tired......

Mr KK Ooi picture end my chapter today......