Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sorry about no posting for this week, because I have been busy in everything in my life! My studies, BB, my family especially my mum =.= suddenly will call me a cal me do this and do that. Phew! cause many trouble in my schedule. No option la because house only have 2 cars and my dad was outstation i should put my mum in primary rather my event.... So for those who say me always late a...I also speechless.... Want to scold scold la....I dun care la....haha....
MOst teruk is..i think at thursday! Just reach home and eating half way through my dinner and I was called to goto factory work! Walau! Dun even get to bath and work till 10 sumthing!

Last Thursday we goto I-Avenue for have our lunch. Every was damn hungry and Miss Chuah is the organizer and she teach Tauke how to go...All girls sit Tauke car because....Hehe...for those who know tio diam diam la....wakaka....

Every worry if the price will be quite expensive but luckily Miss CHuah a.k.a Tauke Soh bring us to NanYang Thai restaurant which provide quality food with budget RM 10 include beverage still got remain...

Gourp photo and Opps! Capture Wei Ling eating with her mouth open wide! ^_^


Mr Hwa still waiting his food patiently

Black Pepper chicken with fish rice set! Not bad! Recommended!

This is Mr. Thaw TomYam soup and it taste oriental, full of "liao" and the price was not bad around RM7

Mr Thaw order but he cannot finish it....dunno what is him doing..haha...end up eat all by every1

Currently just finish my english presentation report and tomorrow have to do the hand out for the presentation due to miss Grace cannot book tio a class with doing mr bookeat sir eh assignment..