Thursday, August 7, 2008

Study "Break"

Yesterday night...I sms all people to goto school.....sure cost me a amount....aiks...nvm la...I'm the command centre of the class....sending message to all people.....^_^

Mr Thaw call me complain to me, he tomorrow wan goto schl...
MR Thaw: "Eh kaysen, tomorrow got goto schl? Go la....I cannot tahan my maid cook eh things ler.....after class we goto eat"

Then some others people i ma call all people out....all people turn out! Yesh!

Then goto CSC today to get some "tips" from KKOoi....after that....our "break" get losse again!
goto hang out again! Aiyaya.....

Mr Cheng Yen is the 1st to arrive

It is good to c them again! ^_^

Then Mr Thaw fetch me goto Old Town at bayan baru then goto QB bcoz Tauke Soh wan eat sushi! Dunno suddenly so gao "jiak" ki! haha....

Mr Thaw and Mr Shan

Missy still noe im going to take fast pose ler! kekez

Using reflection

The girls

Saw how many Wasabi Mr Thaw going to eat?! =.=

Tauke eat too delicous till licking finger! kekez!

Mr Thaw seems like no mood when our day is finishing....

After that, Miss Wei Lin send us 3 back to hostel (me + missy + Mr Yenz) then i goto Mr Yenz room to wait for my aunt....then missy also come to chat...bcoz her rommies all go home about anime all the way....haha....