Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hrmm....Today went to a dinner...Erm...How to say it leh....Is a Koperasi Organization which my grandpa join and we are invited to go and MAKAN! haha.. At Bayan Baru Market Hall!

My SIS and BROS! (Ignore my small bro hand signal)

Just pose for the sake for a pic only....My sis not a hard drinker! ^_^

Both of my aunt clamp my bro between them when they bro hard to "do ppl" see through his face expression...kekez

Then here is some of my cousin cute cute faces....

Family MAID! also is my cousin just always perli her because last time look like a maid! kekez....

My Grandpa pass the "Black Gold" to this year highest bider for the black gold



Today we go lucky by getting 3bags of 5KG rice! Hrmm....mayb not as lucky as last time when we SAPU all the 2nd & 1st prizes!hehe!

The building beside SunShine...Have awesome light display....

Ka BOOM! from the "FutureWeapons"