Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sem Break~~

Finally yesterday at 10am, 15/08/2008 May Bath CFP sem have finish! It is quite a journey!

The day start as I go fetch Missy goto college and found out Mr Clement was there to do his Maths revision......The people who call us reach at 7 eh ppl din come on time....Mr Thaw a.....Y u late wake up again?????? Start snapping pic wif my Alhpa200 ^_^

Mr Clement Tired face

Mr Thaw busy studying.....He din study at all at the previous day!

But when he come out....his face says all.....=.=

Then they goto Level to check out the date when Sem 2 start again.....Then there Miss Yung Ping take pic wif every1.....


Shan, Sharmin, and Thaw n with a Bites!

Sand Castle Society

We drop Missy and Mr Yen to put their things at the International House which means the hostel before went out.

View from the male wings

After that we go for a 1day celebration! Kekez....

1st Stop is at QB!

Seafood Fried Rice

Tom Yam rice

Playing wif Mr Yenz Limited edition RM50

Siam Express overall impression, food, price, and service all total get 8/10....

Mr Thaw look so coolll....hehe

Watch Meet Dave! A Eddie Murphy comedy science fiction movie.........just 6 of us goto watch.....some others went back home hiberbate for awhile before join us at night....

Missy dream car

Mr Yenz oh Mr Yenz~~

Mr Thaw not you too?!?!

My editing still need improvement =.=

A treat for u...

MIssy...Don't Jump!

Mr Yenz

After that, we goto play "ting ting".....Mr Thaw mayb can say the Pros in our class playing this stuff....can use RM2 to play till the whole game....

but unluckily....still a quater to finish nia he tio die ki ler....hehe....

Thaw says: "Yer! 骗钱的!"

After that Mr Thaw fetch Cheng Yen them back to hostel to pack Mr Yens things then I goto get money for my fuel....hehe....After that, Butterworth here we come!

I was quite tired that let Mr Hwa drive my car to Butterworth and Tauke Soh was complainning coz we late fetch her.....hehe...pai seh yea.....

1st stop: Mr Hwa house!Every 1 was wastching "Just Follow Law"

Some of them was just too they sleep ki...

Mr YenZ


Some hanging in Mr Hwa house...Mr Thaw have done the 1st! By praising Mr Hwa mum...kekez...

Mr Hwa house

2 car convoi

On our way to eat steambot!

Mr Thaw trailing bhind us

At Zhi Wei steambot

Which is still using charcoal to heat it up!

And use a type of device to blow keep the fire burning and burning

Every1 was there....except KQ, Shan, Sharmin, Julia and Celment....

Tat day add a new people which is Miss Wei Lin bro...

After that, they still not satisfied then we goto Apex Coffee which is like a block away to get ourself coffee.....

Apex Coffee just looks like Old Town! @_@zZzZ...copy lai copy ki eh...luckily their menu also didn't copy...

After that, Mr Hwa take us go round about the upcoming big megamall in Butterworth...JUsco and the Aeon.....Bigger than Queensbay Mall 2X!

After that, I drive back to Island and drop them off and fetch my sis back from QB.....

What a great day! 2weeks to go! I gonna miss you guys!

If got any event! Sure notify you all! Keep watching!

Here some short clips about our journey in Sem1....Enjoy!