Monday, August 11, 2008

Mission Impossible!

After nagging my parents for 3days after Friday I went to PC Fair and I saw the Alpha200

Yesterday night I finally get my hands on it! Wakaka.....Mission Impossible 4 is complete!

2bags of Sony stuff

Free vest, bag, watch and hp pouche

The moment of truth

Edited self capture

Start my 1st picture at 6.45am in the morning.......And it continues to go on and on....

The view from my house bolcony (Dawn)


The view from my house kitchen

Random pic....

For rating.....The camera was quite easy to use.....not as bulky as the Nikon and Canon....

Much lighter than I expected after hold a Nikon D60 which lik 1kg Alpha200 got all the system build in within the camera so I can save up the money to buy lens which got image stabilizer which Nikon has this problem....

Addition to that, the service centre located in Penang Island! Is in the Island!

Today final start ler.....Went through my problem I think....kekez....

1 down 4 to go!


- Li . Yun - said...

Aaa I want it too! I want it so badly! NOT FAIR you got it!
By the way, how much u bought it??? =D

eddie lim said...

finally u got it! lol

Soony said...

Lala.. Welcome to the alpha world.. =P hehe.. Its damn cheap now since sony slashes the prices =P
Those who are interseted in the A200 street price is selling for Rm 1.4k.. haha.. Gogogo.. make sony a wide community =P

Congratz on your purchase ar.. hope that you can join our outings more =P
*Promoting for sony*