Sunday, August 17, 2008


Yesterday wake up at 11 something and was busy uploading friday outing photo and edit pic and video...Phew~

After that teman my mum go for site supervision...near QB there eh shop lot

My sis waited at the road side for like 45min and she complain she wana fall a sleep liao only my mum faster finish her job....Then went to Sunshine to buy my sis eh cosmetic eh things....

Then drive to dunno is Amway or Cosway buy house d things and final buy some moon cakes! wakaka...long time din eat ler!

Then at night go out with Patrick, Marcus, Eu Han and Jia Zhen...Classmate from secondary...

I'm the driver for the night so I fetch every 1 and go

1st stop Patrick house...

Snap this when he is trying to park and Eu Han was fixing his car foldable mirror...

Shy Shy Eu Han


Jia Zhen and Patrick

Patrick wif his Hokkien"Black Dog!"

No worries...I din drink just drink coffee only...hehe....

Mr Hans final pic use my camera snap