Monday, May 25, 2009

Makan Makan!

Yo! I'm finally back from silent! Just come back from a cari makan makan trip with Hans.
Went to a few isolated place to find the restaurant that Hans targeted for a while liao. . . But all din open then we proceed to Crepe Cottage! Haha

Saix got recommend before, so we head to take look! Haha!

Before that, a little of what happen this few days without my maid. . .

The washing machine broke down and flooded the kitchen almost 3 days every time my mum turn the machine on! Making our night miserable!
Decided to repair it since all the guys in the house! Haha!
I tot people jack car up to repair. Washing machine also? Haha!

Since no photography everyday. . . everyday was full with work until I have no pic to post! Plus cannot simply take leave! Aiks!

Okay. . . Back to cari makan!
What to eat leh? 1st time here. . .

It was kinda simple inside out. . . Kinda cozy. . . 

It just a small restaurant located just beside coffee island. . .

My Micky Mouse drink . . . RM8.00
Vanilla coke float with whipped cream and cherry.

Hans drinks. . .RM5.50
(Lime, Kalamansi, Soda Water)

I think it is home made. . . Kinda unique. . . RM6.00

After that, it was beef fiesta!
Hans Beef Double Decker with Salsa Sauce! Damn nice! RM20.00

Mine beef it up! Australian beef! Omg! Damn nice too! RM16.00

The dessert of the day was the strawberry and lychee with crepee! Damn nice too! Haha!

Overall the food was nice. . . but the serving kinda slow. . . Probably got a chef only? Haha!
It close on every Tuesday. . .
So do visit!


Plus there is no tax!