Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another day. . .

Today I supposed to wake up at 9 but end up I wake up at 10 something...
They call me out for Dim Sum and I was the last to arrive and every1 almost finish their food! =.="

After that, went to Sunshine Mcd to help Eddie to get the COD of Canon 1000D from a shutterasia member. . .
Well. . . It was in nice shape! Lol! He manage to get it under RM1500! Eh EDDIE! Welcome to the DSLR family! Haha!

After that went to INTI to hear a talk from guys in Curtin University in Perth, Australia.
What I can say is that Curtin is nice! Haha!

After finish, went down and get my CFP Graduation certificate! Just manage to get Pass with Certificate! Damn swt! Can't get distinction!

Must study hard next time!

After that, goto Komtar Click n Snap cari lens! Lowepro Off Trail II Bag! Extreme CF card! Haha!

After testing the Sigma 70-200 F/2.8, I think I'm going to get a fix aperture tele lens liao la! Fix aperture will make my day more easier, plus much nicer! Haha! Going to get it in 2 months time?
But manage to get a CF Card only! RM55!

After that, went to QB to watch Night at The Museum with Thaw and Julia.
Nice movie. . . Met Lynn there. . . She sit just behind me only! =.="

After that goto buy a mobile phone for my bro! Thaw and Julia keep want to be my brother. . . Swt!
Lol! A brother buy stuff for his brother birthday present very weird meh? Lol!

Since my bro 1st start use a HP. . . It was a second hand. . . I always get to use a 1st hand hp. . .
I also want my bro to get a chance to use a 1st hp. . . Sis if you view my blog. . . Next time when u come back I buy for u la! Haha! My smallest bro already got 1! Haha!

I brought him a N78

Got GPS, Wifi, and lots of stuff la. . . Why I buy a GPS phone is because he get lost easily! Haha!

Write till here la! Continue perhaps tomorrow? everyday working I'm run out of picture to post!


TMPLHF said...

cool blog.
We like your pics.