Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gurney Sony May Fair - Day1

Last Thursday, I joined KY Digital 4 days fair in Gurney! Had a wonderful time there as we team of 4 consist of me, Lynn, Steve and Xiong selling Cyber Shot, Alpha and the newly arrival HX1!

1st day setting up and I fetched Steve, Xiong for the 1st time and Lynn.
Pindah some furniture from the shop to ours booth and start setting up for the day.
Lynn testing the T90 Cyber Shot Fully Touch Screen!
Smile Shutter and iA capability!
Record Full HD 1080 video!
cost RM1299!

4GB Memory ProDuo
Leather casing
. . .
Many more. . .
This is all the detail I need to show and tell when customer ask about it. . .
Damn exhausted! Haha!

Shoot some bokeh using 16-105mm lens

This is the lens! Focus Damn Fast! Sharp and quite! Haha! Add into my shopping list!

This is the newly arrival HX1 and on 1st day it was still in side the glass for showing until Ah Peng come and call us take it out for customer testing.

The T90 with decorate sticker on it.

After the booth set up!

Busy Ah Peng
FYI, he is the area manager of KY Digital

Some test shot by test using the new lens!
Kinda wide as we try it out! I'm in love again! Haha!

Work harder and buy better lens!

Just finish our 4days fair at Gurney. They asked me whether want to work part time there. . . Still considering. . .

Going Genting tomorrow. . . Kinda not used to it. . . Suddenly so busy and suddenly go for holiday. . .

Will try to blog in Genting!

Contact me by phone if got anything!