Friday, May 15, 2009

Genting - Final

This is going to be the last post about Genting! Tomorrow will be a new post!

Skip the dinner part. . . Having dinner at the First World Cafe. . .
A buffet dinner but damn normal only! Like mamak stall. . .Haha!

But something make the dinner special! The main dishes were the lamb! Damn! Nice! Lamb Soup and Lamp Chop!
Shan with the golden statue. . . There sure alots of golden dragon

That night we  chatted alot at Starbucks coffee and we got 30% discount again! Haha!

Sleep around 3am. . . Damn sleepy after went back to room. . .

The next day. . .
Went to "Hou Mei" to have our brunch!
The early birds. . . Haha!

Cheng Yen. . . The seldom appear in all the Genting post. . .

The surrounding. . .

Can put so much money on the table lor?

My Beef Noodle! Yup! It is beef again! Damn nice!

After that went for a walk. . .
Indoor Theme Park

After that, we wet to Genting hotel again!

Highlands Hotel

Julia. . .

A simple Group shoot

Julia and Thaw having a "little Shan"?

After that was "Sayonara Genting"

We were on our way home!

Thanks You for viewing! 
KSP! Tomorrow want goto photo shoot?