Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm so down!

Today went to Gurney and guess what? I am late for the Korean Dance Comedy! Damn down! Down!
Down! Down! Down!

Goto makan with them and goto Studio. . .

Long time didn't see them already. . .  Aiks. . .
Bboy Develle

Spritez & Jon

KSP the 1000D! Haha!

Since when you turn to p~~ p~~!?! Haha!

Today afternoon went out to client house to detail their furniture as we already complete our job there and wish to get some picture from the complete product!

Damn! How wish I have wide angle lens! Everytime I shoot in a close space a. . . The lens just not wide enough to fit all inside! Aiks! Miss alot of good shot!
Remember to come to our booth on 24th of July at PISA! Simfur Design Sdn Bhd!

Found some picture that I didn't post. . .
This is for you Saix!

Tomorrow is another busy day! Aiks!

I get a Number seat for tomorrow show. . . Any 1 going? I just get 1 ticket. . . No people teman. . . Sien~~~