Monday, May 11, 2009

Genting Trip

Sorry for not updating for 2 days. . . Was attending my Great Grandma funeral. . .
Today was the 1st car in the whole convoy. . . So call the open road car which the car was pack with his great grandchildren? lol! The driver was me! Damn nervous. . . The whole journey i was pressing the brakes only. . . Lol! 1st time go so slow in my driving experience. . . The meter dun even move away from the 0 km/h! Haha!

I did not manage to take pic as my alpha borrowed to Steve and no camera spare for me to use. . .

Let's start a new topic today!
It was my trip to Genting last week!
Well. . . What I can say is that the whole trip was fun and crazy!

My first meal at "Kaki Bukit" before went up to Genting Highlands!
The store called Mr Sotong. . .

Not very nice only. . .
Mr Hwa. . . Are you praying or sleeping? Lol!

After an hour we reach our destination. . . Every 1 still stim stim. . .
Some even sleep on the walk way while waiting for Julia to check in!

Luckily it was low season leh! Check in only half an hour only. .  Phew!
After that every1 pi sleep for 2hour before go for dinner!
In my room there a few picture but some are 18SX so cannot show it out! Haha! Feat Thaw in towel! Haha!
Mr DJ Shan. . .

Went to First World Kopitiam makan!
Yin Ming . Wei Lin . Julia . Eddie

Same as my previous visit! Taiwan Beef Noodle! Damn nice!

After that. . . Yin Ming, Wei Lin, and Hwa goto play Photo Hunt again! omg!
The rest we went to Genting Hotel to take pic!
OKQ . Julia . Shan . Eddie . Thaw

That night it was very misty and windy! OMG! The cold sip into every cloths! Even Mighty Thaw also cannot tahan! HAHA!


A siao group picture. . 

Eh Saix! Got another COOLPIX LA!
C what my hand holding? It is OKQ COOLPIX! lol! People a people. . . Don't buy COOLPIX la. . . Cannot swim la. . . Or you want Alpha? Haha!

Talking bout Mother's Day. . . Every1 was posting about it!
What I can say is that I brought Chocolate from Genting and give it to my mum once I touched down back in Penang last week after the Genting trip!

My mum smile till cannot close. . . Lol!

Although my Great grandma passed away, they still buy a cake and clebrate it with my Great Granma beside the coffin. . . Lol!

Till now. . .!
More coming soon tomorrow! I gues this trip post will be a long 1 since almost 80% picture can be posted! Haha!