Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OKQ Birthday!

Last Thursday was OKQ birthday and we celebrated with him something different from other people. . . Lol! Since he is going 19! We sang almost 19 or more time eh birthday song whole day long! Make him sipek pai seh nia! Haha! Every place you can imagine. . . In the car, in lift, lecturer hall( whole lecture hall sing for him), and even in toilet! Haha! People going to think that we are crazy! Yes we indeed crazy till like that! Haha!

After English class. . . We call Miss Kam to take picture with us!

Some people say I ruin the picture. . . Cause my leg not synchronize! Haha! I don't want to be pondan la! Lol!

And as usual. . . Will have short photo session with my classmate. . .
Not many photo because some got many "International sign" ! Haha!

Taken in the lift on our way to INTI basement car park

We went to TGI to have lunch for OKQ birthday celebration!
Before continue onto the food! Will have some picture on Thursday night where I suppose Bayan Lepas area electricity was cut off for about half and hour? I take chance to take candle pic! Haha!

Was hearing to music and suddenly ka "poof"! Only my mum laptop survive! Haha!

Oh yea. . . Was studying MPW that night! Saturday was D-Day! Haha! Anyway, I think I did okay ba in MPW final exam last Saturday.

The Alpha regime! Haha! OMG! I damn siao!

Candle on the floor. . . I lye down my whole stand inorder to take this angle of the candle on the floor! Damn ma huan! Probably considering a new gadget? A Manfrotto stand? Haha!

Here is some keat keat function I found on youtube. . .

Damn worth every penny spend! Haha!
Damn crazy about gadget now!