Sunday, April 12, 2009

Grandpa Birthday!

Sorry for long pending post! Was busying study! OMG!

On the day my grandpa birthday, my mum cook the whole morning to prepare the dishes and prepare for a feast at my grandpa house!!!

They sure mean feast as it was alot! Woot! Gaining weight again!
Shit! On last week only more than 5 people saying I'm gaining weight! Shit! Keep Fit!!!!

My mum prepared dishes

Spotted my cute little cousin and started to shoot him! Haha!
What happen there???<<<<<

He was trying to avoid me! Haha! I'm too paparazzi!

After that was singing time!
Introducing my dad Dad and Mother! Haha!
Get well soon grandma!

It's been a while since we gathered in big group!
Chinese New Year my grandma was sick in hospital and there was no "OHM" in the house...

I'm official old 1 year! Lol!
Just kidding! Grandpa! Hope you every year also 18 years old!
Haha! ^_^

I'm finish with post about my grandpa birthday!
Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Sneak preview about tomorrow post! Hopefully I can post it tomorrow! Just finish client product design not long ago! Phew! 1 more page to go!

Till now!
Exam at Friday only finish! 
Going to work at PC Fair on Saturday & Sunday! Visit me at Ky Digital Booth! Support SONY! Yeah! Haha!