Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PC Fair

Last Saturday and Sunday, I work in PC Fair as I told you all.
It was fun yet tiring!

Learn alot of marketing strategy and how to reply to those user have skeptic about Sony Alpha due to many "User" from other "system" keep saying bad stuff about Sony Alpha.
Thanks Mr Tee!

We manage to sell 10 A300 Twin Lens! Haha!
Then more than 30+ Cybershot? Just agak only because I keep seeing people paying for Cyber Shot non-stop! Haha!

Shopping madness inside PC Fair!
Here some picture to show the condition during PC Fair and People I just know.

People keep touching the BIG calculator as shown on above picture thought it was for sales! Haha! At least it attract customer for us to talk to!! Haha!

Slide show about picture taken by Tauke during a trip to Japan!
Damn nice leh! Using only A300!

I was promoting A300 on PC Fair and use it to shot some low angle shot like this 1 without a sweat! Haha!

Tauke Peng aka Polar Bear.
Tauke people give you 1. . . Not me. . .
He is the Area Manager for KY Digital

Mr Tee is Perangin Mall Manager

All are major in Cyber Shot and only me and Mr Tee selling Alpha

Looks like samseng? Actually he is quite funny and good 1. . .

I think too much sales have make them abnormal! Haha!

This is Nick another crew of KY Digital!
He don't want to show his face. . . but you can visit his blog

The cashier of the day. . . I didn't know her name so we call her leng lui la. . . Lol!

Snap this 1 when found out a video camcorder customer using Panasonic camcorder to record me. . .

Know new friend from the opposite shop I don't know I spell their name correct or not. . . Haha!
I just know that they are form MBS and are Chuckie friend! Haha!

Candid Shot:

They are making last minute call for last promotion for the last 10minutes before the stadium close down for visitor.

Panasonic Tauke Damn Hiong!

Working Vest for the day! Get it during last year when I purchase A200! Haha!
This year I come back work for him pulak. . . According to him I'm the forth 1 after Steve! Haha!
Tauke you forget to give me the T-Shirt! I want that T-shirt!

Another is that I'm maybe not able to online at night as probably I'm going to my Grandparent new house to stay there to guard the house for a week! Everyday sleep in the living room. . . Bring my sis yoga mat there to sleep! Haha

As my grandparent stay there! Me and my Cousin have to be the guard! OMG! Yesterday My bro teman me sleep there. . . Thanks for the company!

Going out now! Going to do some streets photography perhaps?
Stay tune!