Thursday, April 16, 2009

OKQ Birthday Part 2

Continue from yesterday post about stuff happen in TGI. . .

Appetizer ordered by OKQ them. . . 1 Appetizer and 1 main dish for only RM29.90!

For me. . . I ordered a Ice Lemon Tea! All time favourite!

The decoration around us. . .

This is my order!
No wonder Khea Seng Likes the fish and chip here! Lol!

She is a monster! Lol! She alone can finish the whole plate dry! Haha!

Our so call Tauke!

The dessert order by Shan them and Shan know the Captain there and he curi curi give OKQ some desert as Birthday Celebration! Lol!

Shan. . .

Before head back to school for Final Accounting class. . . Had some group photo taken!

Later going to help "someone" unpack their new DSLR!
 Stay tune for more! 
Going to get a reflector later too! Haha!