Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sony Alpha Flash Workshop

Last Sunday went to Berjaya Hotel to attend the Sony Alpha Flash Workshop to enchance my skill more on flash.
After all the trick and tips we learn, it is time to have a PHOTOSHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On the road side and another at the swimming pool in Berjaya Hotel.

I make some of the picture HDR so it looks kinda different... And after all the shoot, every1 of us submit 1 of best picture to enter contest.
Guess what, I get second!!!! Wuahaha!!!
But just get a stupid bag and a very very useful camera tips and tricks book from Sony.
Did not espect will get second out of so many Alphanatic.
This is my winning picture!

The picture below is taken by pro trainner using A700.

Another good news! I get full straight As in my final exam not including the LANs subject aka "Moral" which I get B+

Now damn boring at home, stay home during Christmas and my family member just sit there watch magazine and TV and my mum now doing her paperwork! =.="!

Planning tomorrow goto some where else to take picture since many people during tomorrow morning should be still sleeping after tonight celebration. Hehe!

Merry Christmas every1!
Do enjoy your day and I off to play CS now.....