Sunday, December 21, 2008

Picture Painting

Today I would like to share some picture with you all that I learn out from a magazine quite intresting eh...

How to do it?
1st: Just set your camera shutter speed to more than 10 second mounted on a tripod or a stable platform without shaking the camera.

2nd: Shake the "TROCH" light in front of tha camera but don't point the light towards your body or your blur image will appear in the picture.
3rd: Try to shoot in RAW file for better details.

A few random shoot taking when I was studying my moral... Too stress and just relaxing by viewing the nature around my house....

Bai Ang Kong anyone?

And this was taken when the moon is the fullest reminded by Mr Leong and Mr Yenz to snap picture of the moon.... Keep sms me....haha!