Thursday, December 4, 2008


It's seems like do I care when my design was rejected?
Nah! A excuse for another excuse!

This is the redesign t-shirt that "they" say okay....

The new design colour does not look like this but dunno why blog show colour like that.
The final design I design was following the specification that my chair told me...fine....I change but...What is this design more than 4 colour? And still get approval?
Shit la! I don't even care to become the multimedia unit for Youth Camp!
Goto XXXX la!

I don't care it make me more happy go lucky my life!
Make my life much more easier


摩天轮 said...

dun so kek ki la..
i understand ur feeling as a designer..

Jebez said...
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Jebez said...

cool down man...
try thk other positive way la.
u alrdy very "kek" liao can desgin so many version d.
all is do for our God d la..
nvm d.
dun giv up ya !!