Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thai Trip

1st Day

Penang International Airport

Arriving at the around 7. We departure at aroung8.45.....Yahoo!!!! Off we go......We are going to the New Bangkok International Airport (Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport)

Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Confirm the trip with our tour guide.

When we waited outside for our van to come.....We saw this pink cab. Wow! A pink VIOS Taxi!

Pink Taxi

Our next stop is the Bangkok Safari, it take abour 1 hour++ to get there...Phew...fall a sleep in the car.

Waiting for the car driver

We are waiting for the driver to take us in because we only will have a tour guide at the second day to join another group. We come late so we miss out the Orang Utan Show but nevermind because we got Orang Utan back here. Haha. We start with watching the seal show which quite was the Dolphin and Beluga show which was quite exciting...Haha. The beluga is so damn big 1st time saw a big fish...Haha. Like a "sua pak gao". Base with the information which the MCs, the beluga comes from the Artic if i'm not wrong.

The enviroment of the Safari was not bad, feels like in the wild, but the tiger cub in a cage was bit kolian cause was kept in a small places for tourist to take a photo with. Aiks. Parrot Island

Tiger Cub in the cage

Walking on our way to the seal show

Worker selling lots of "cool down"stuff

Large number of crowd watching the show

Seal balancing a ultrman while swimming

Dolphin doing jumps

Beluga whale

After that, we go for our lunch. A buffet lunch serving thai local food and deserts.

Siao many light on the ceiling

Just finish eat. Stim face =.=

After that we goto the enormous parot cage, so many parrot that it could have more than 200++ parrot inside. Hew luckily didn't get any angpau from them. Haha.

The bird cage full of orange parrot

With my aunt

Polar Bear

Elephant Show

The giraffe was so tall (almost 3 storey high)

Infront the safari^their kings pic

In the heart of bangkok

Centre Point Petchburi 15

After the safari, we goto centre point petchburi 15 for our 1st night at Bangkok. No photo then.

Next post will be our journey at Pattaya! Stay tune for it!


Tze Yin said...

hey hey... found ur blog from Sophia's.... kekekkekekekekek...

good to see u here!

摩天轮 said...

ur blog is full of photo!