Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pattaya Trip - Day2

Drum Sound:~~~~~~~~~~

Its time for Pattaya!!!!HuHU....

Hmm...How am I going to start???hmm....

Lets start off with this>>>>>>>>>

Photo on the bas ;p

Hmm...Maybe i was still sleepy...stimming face~~~haha...

Off we go again waking up at Thai time 0630 which is...0730 in Malaysia....want to say early oso cannot, cause 1st day night go gai gai go till quite late ler....and luckily didn't "mi lu"haha...

1st Destination is Bangkok Main River....4get wat name ler...next time i go do research ler onli tell you all...haha...

Curi snapping my sis snapping pic Hehe...
View of the port

On the boat
p/s Backlight

New Bangkok in front of us!

Why do I say that we are facing new Bangkok leh????haha....due to my information, developement of Bangkok have 2 area. Old Bangkok is mainly develope on housing area, new Bangkok were mainly focusing on office, apartment shopping complex. Talk about shopping complex leh, in a small area tio have about 2 mega shopping complex leh! Both also almost bigger than QueensBay! Pratunam~~Platinum~~Central world Plaza.

It is an apartment!

Rama III Bridge

Current King's Palace

The next destination!

King's boat

Ppl selling souviner beside our boat

3 superwoman~~~

Magnificant temple!!Wow!! so high!

Tradisional Thai Dance

selling flower

This stall are selling flower for "bai bai" the 4 face god. 4flower, 2 candle, and how to say "hio" in english???haha...stupid me..

Yoyo!Mc Cafe! Do we got in Malaysia?

Thai Version!Haha!

Later at the afternoon, we goto the biggest restaurant in the world! Wow! As you all can see that the place was very big and the only way to send the food fast to the table were waiter wear roller blade gliding fast with both hand full of dishes. Aiks...but I din have photo of it.

Do think it is a restaurant?

Got a Guinness Book Of Records to proof it!

Even their waiter also dress up!

After lunch, we went to a tiger farm on our way to Pattaya. The concept of this farm leh...more like showing the tiger charming side. They even feed those new born baby tiger cub with pig milk, in other word, the tiger can grw bigger and fatter more fast. Another hilarious thing is that they put piglet into a tiger dent!

Tiger feeding on pig milk?

Pig in tiger cloth?

What a happy fella

After the visitation to the farm, we move on to Pattaya. It take us like 1 hour to get there. Along the way we were sleeping so...no pic of the Pattaya surrounding. Then we have out early early dinner which is Thai time 1730 and Malaysia were only 1830!

Hard Rock Hotel!!!

We not staying at Hard Rock Hotel..we stay at another hotel....which is quite terrible then the Central Point back in Bangkok.When we reach out floor..the whole corridor was black and it feel cheeling to walk out from the lift. Walau! The toilet seem quite dirty and the tv only can see only 1 channel! Walau again...sien si wa la....

Hmm...wonder where they going???

Red Zone Area

Red Zone = Hooker Zone! Haha...many red zone in pattaya..riding along the road , you can see many red light pub which is full of ladies! haha...

That day very tired and we go out gai gai around 11 nite...that time all stall have close and we decide to goto 7Eleven but some things eat and mineral water which we consume more than RM 100++ after we end our whole journey at Thailand!

Stay tune for Pattaya Day 3!


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