Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pattaya - Day3

Pattaya day 3

ON a very very early morning here we start again, eating early breakfast then goto play again! Haha...

1st Stop is the sea! Yea is the SEA!!!!

Group photo
We are taken to something like a large barge on the middle of the sea to do parasailing. Wow! Siok! Their concept almost like a aircraft carrier...One Up another prepare to land...Chimm right?
I also 1st time say things happen like this. After that we goto the coral beach.

Strap ON!

Having Fun

At the beach
Stut Face

On our way back to land, we are hit by a strom...when speeding through the rough sea...face kena shoot by the large droplet of rain! Argh! Pain! and also cold....when I reach land I really wanted to kiss the ground...haha....scare si wa...After that we goto another destination which located 1hour and half out of the town of Pattaya. The Culture Village.

Look like our lion dance

The queen has arrive! (Fake)

Muay Thai! Nice block!

Traditional Dance

Elephant war

After the tradisional show, we went for the elephant show at behind the theatre.

Throwing dart

Throwing basketball

Mister HAIRY!

Picking me up

Miss loueise with HAIRY

There are not female (Do you believe?)

At night, we go for show which is Ah Gua Show! Don't siao siao with them! Their performance are international and well reconised in the world....

Their stage was amazing...and their costume were great!

Ah Gua Show