Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pattaya - Bangkok Day 4

On the 4th day, we leave pattaya at morning and head back to Bangkok for the next day flight to Chiang Mai.

On our way back we stop at Dream World which kinda like DisneyLand but was little bit cacat eh...haha....

Inside Dream World

In front of the gate with our 2tour guide
Dream World mega clock (It Really function eh)
Inside the giant house
Nice to have a bath in the hot day
Hurricane here we comeFunny facesI still look like a child. =)Why you leave me?
What I impress with myself is that i still manage to hold on to the camera while riding the pirate ship, take their frighting face screaming away. Haha....Satisfied with the result.

Pirate ship.I need some1 to accompany

After that we stuck in the Bangkok highway for 3 hour before we reach to our hotel, my sis and my aunt fren was very worry that the mall (Central World Plaza) will close before they can goto shopping. Their main target was the Naraya Bags. My sis brought i think more than 5 bags at just Naraya. They buy some at Dream World, Central Plaza, later some where in Chiang Mai near our hotel.

So when we reach the hotel, they walk to the mall and my aunt and I go for checking. Stay in the same room like the 1st day we reach Bangkok. Feel weird weird. Haha....After that we walk fast fast to the mall. After that we visit another mall which is beside the Central Plaza only. I wonder the competition between mall won't be too stressful meh? Hmm....After that take a taxi to a night market...cost us 100 Bhat. Unfortunately the market was starting to close and we decided to take a tuk tuk back to hotel. 4 ppl fit into a 2 seated tuk tuk. Unbelieveable. Laughing all the way back. Haha...cause ppl was looking at us witha weird face.

taken by the hotel security