Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gears update!

After for some times it is time to update my gears that I added in recently! Yeah! Smile on my face!

Last week, went to Steve currently working eh shop! KY Digital! Inside Gurney same floor with the Sony Centre!
I was able to test the A700! OMG! The colour and the sharpness was superb man! I feels it kinda "Sexy"! Haha! Camera addiction syndrome!

Below picture are taken using A700 with 50mm lens.

I wanted to buy this type of battery and charger but the shop Tauke did not recommended it because it was unstable.... I guess I have to stick with Energizer which have to charge for a long long time only can full eh... OMG!

My current camera! The sharpness from 50mm very nice right? other which was not focus was totally blur!

After that we go to A&W to have dinner! That time was already 9something! I and Saix waited for him till wanna die liao! Haha! That day I brought my replacement flash for the spoiled 58 cobra flash!

The newest flash in Sony, the Quick-Shift Bounce flash also able to take even closer subject using it flash which the flash power was control till very precise!

Behold! The recently update gears!

I got myself a 50mm lens, a polarizor, a new flash!

Polarizor filter have many function! It cut reflection, reduce the amount of light coming in for better colour when shooting during noon, and enable us to shoot through window without any reflection of our self or other stuff appearing on the glass!

Replacement for the previous 58 which fall into the water and repair will cost me the same price as the new one!

Another pride collection was the F1.4 50mm Prime Lens!

This lenses was very good lens to collect because the sharpness and focusing and the low aperture made this lens unbeatable even lenses which cost RM5000++ also cannot get the quality as good as 50mm! Trust me! when you use it you will fall in love with it!
Good for portrait and close up shoot!

See the hole in the middle on the lens? The low aperture will have a bigger iris which give more light to the camera and allow quicker shutter speed during low light!

This was the sample shoot when I 1st brought the 50mm!

Damn sharp right?

Another update was the tripod stand! DIGI Eye TR6000!

This tripod is the spoiled tripod and it was totally disaster when I try to use it!
I brought a new tripod for a few good reason:

It provide carrying grip for easy transport, sturdy body, much higher!

A hook below the main body is to allow us to hang our bags and increase stability when shooting outdoor where it is windy!

The toe of the tripos which can handle any uneven terrain which was useful when shooting outdoor landscape where a level ground was unavailable.

It also come with a bag which got a outer strap on it allow for easy transport!

The old1 cost RM30 something and the new 1 cost RM80!
Plus the new 1 got guarantee eh leh! Dun siao siao! It was a good investment!

So have you plan to increase you inventory for camera accessories? It was worth to invest!

Stay tune for more! Tonight any1 going to New World Park? There will be DANZITY performance there! See you there!


step said...

hi, i recently also bought myself a digieye tr-6000, cost me RM170 (I should have read your post earlier). Just wondering if you have the same problem that I'm facing, which is the big knob blocking the camera when you rotate from landscape to portrait (90 degree)? Any advice?

Sen Sen said...

ei? where u bough the digieye tr-6000? can intro me arr? i yesterday went to ask and that price is RM 210 ringgit.

Sen Sen said...

i wish i can get one digieye tr-6000 with cheaper price.. :)

step said...

hi sen sen, sorry late reply. i got it from foto selangor in pertama complex. where did you ask the price? maybe the price went up, not too sure. but you can try at foto selangor, just tell them your friend recently bought one at rm150, they'll give you a reasonable price.

but instead of going for tr-6000, i think you can drop by mutiara complex in jalan ipoh. i went there last Friday, they got tons of tripod, the price also very competitive though. hope it helps.

Sen Sen said...

hi, step...

ya... i also facing that problem when rotate the camera for 90 Degree. but i use to it.. not a problem to me :)

Trunks said...

hi sorry for notice yr thread lately..
recently planning to get a tripod..
and wanna ask tat how much is a standard price of digieye TR-6000??

step said...

Hi, but I don't really recommend TR-6000, as the problem I'm having with the big knob is really drivin me insane each time I need to shoot in vertical. I've sold mine off finally.

Perhaps you can try to look for a deal in, the price is dead cheap.

hilmi said...

dude, you still use the tr6000 tripod? is it any good? is it sturdy? cuz im looking for a tripod for my camcorder and i want it to have a smooth motion on all axes..plz reply..tq.

step said...

to certain extend tr-6000 is good, at its price especially. well all i can say is, test before you buy.

lately i heard this model has been discontinued, i'm not sure whether it has been replaced with any other model.